1:1 Life Coaching

Are you struggling to create the life you want?
Are you finding that you are the one getting in the way of obtaining success?

We get it. It’s hard to start making changes. It’s overwhelming to balance everything that’s important in your life. 5 Star’s 1:1 Life Coaching sessions are ideal for anyone wanting more personalized development. Our mission is to assess, identify and develop the unique leadership abilities of each client. Our life coaches can help you create a balanced and inspiring life that brings out your best self.

What makes us different?

• Hundreds of happy clients: We have worked with students in high school, collegiate athletes, working professionals, stay at home mothers/fathers and top executives. We take it one step at a time and we want you to WANT us to help you navigate this journey called life to a better you.
• Practical and meaningful: We support your desire to dream big and help ground it with concrete action that creates real change in your life.
• Your path is just as unique as you: We will work together to put a plan of action in place that will help you reach your desired results, we are here to facilitate and hold you accountable.
• Affordable: We love what we do and since we are so passionate about helping others, we want to make our professional services available to the vast majority of individuals who are seeking guidance.
• We care deeply about all of our clients: We read our notes to prepare for each session and we think about you in between sessions. We take our time to get to know you and invest in your growth. We value this relationship.

What does Life Coaching do?

• Create a more balanced life through personal coaching
• Be supported to clarify and honor your values
• Set goals that inspire your creativity and passion
• Discover new possibilities and perspectives
• Release old habits and unproductive behaviors
• Develop and use your intuition more fully
• Increase your Emotional Intelligence
• Have more fulfillment in your work and relationships
• Create unconditional success no matter the circumstances
• Become more Conscious, Creative, Successful and Alive!

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