“Thank you for your coaching and helping our organization increase our sales numbers. The first 6 months after your training we grew our client base by 300% and we have had minimal subordinate behavior by our staff. We will be having you train our other offices/locations and their management team and staff. Thanks for coaching us on how to improve our business!”
Tom H.
“You need to enroll your child in 5 Star’s Leadership Development programs!  I enrolled my son in this program and after he took the first course, his attitude changed…for the better!  He does his chores without me nagging him, he asks if he can help with dishes after dinner and he is more focused in school.  Thank you Justin for all your help and helping my son become a better person”
Mrs. Taylor
“Big J, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with confidence and all the skills you taught me.  Just wanted to give you an update, I am now managing 100+ employees for a large company and they said the main reason they felt I was the best candidate out of all the other applicants, was because of how I conducted myself in the interview process.  Thank you giving me the skills to become successful.”
Eric P.
“The only negative thing I can say is I wish you had more courses  The classes were so much fun and interactive, thank you for teaching me great skills, not in a boring way.”
Susan M.
“Thanks to you and your passionate team of teachers, I am now the captain of my schools football team.  I took what you taught and applied it.  You were right, after my hard work and dedication, the team voted for me to be captain.”
Mark M.
“Justin, you remind me of Tony Robbins. When you speak it is like you slap me with your words and make me want to do something.  Thanks for motivating me and my sister to reach for the stars!”
Karan K.

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