Core Values

When we agree to work together, our path to the future is paved with mutual trust–a trust composed of integrity, competence and cooperation. These values set the foundation for the following operating principles:

We strive to make a difference: Our primary motivation is to help people and organizations succeed.

We begin by listening: We are investing our reputation in your dreams; we succeed when your dreams are realized.

Leadership and Vision Matter: Leadership without vision is like trying to drive blind – it won’t end well. We don’t just talk about vision – we operationalize it.

Don’t Implement – Deliver: Implementation is process – delivery is the strategic advantage from the process. We believe in agile, high-velocity, and high impact delivery that creates competitive advantage.

Be Real: We believe in our clients enough to do what they hired us to do – tell them the truth.

Keep it Simple: Simplicity is the grease that enables speed and agility in an increasingly complex marketplace. It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – who are we to argue?

Find a wheel and Reinvent it: Our job is to push back on dominant logic, break the status quo, disrupt mediocrity, and create advantage. We do this by challenging current ways of thinking and doing.

Mantra: conventional wisdom might be conventional, but it is rarely wise.

Discovery: Learn, grow and develop. Discovery leads to better destinations. We constantly strive to move from “what is” to “what if.”

Problems = Solutions: If there is a problem, there is ALWAYS a solution. We believe in identifying trouble areas and then finding solutions.

All or Nothing: Just as the strength of the wolf is the pack, the key to our success is our team. When you get one of us, you get all of us.

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