Leadership Courses

We believe every individual already possesses the potential to be a dynamic leader. 5 Star Coaching provides leadership development workshops aimed at guiding students and professionals to discover that potential. Our educators and speakers are passionate about molding the next generation of leaders through workshops that are both exciting and educational.


These courses are designed to inspire as well as educate participants through videos, hands on activities, live demonstrations, raffle prizes and more! Our presentation methods show participants a good time while instilling life-changing principles and teaching practical skills.


Every participant will receive a certificate of completion up completing the registered course.

Leadership 101

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of leadership. In this course, participants will learn over 25 topics which will include:

• What is leadership?
• Importance of work ethic
• How to maintain a positive attitude
• Time management
• Effective teamwork
• Confidence: What it is and how to build it
• Law of attraction
• Conversational Skills
• Confidence
And more!


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High School Readiness

This course is ideal for 8th grade and Freshman students. It includes ALL the same subjects as our Leadership 101 Course, plus in this course we have an emphasis that will help students:

• Transition to high school
• How to make the most out of high school
• How to stand up for personal interests


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Advanced Leadership

This course is builds on the basic foundation of leadership. Participants will learn over 25 topics which will include:

• Effective goal setting
• Situational Leadership
• Decision making
• Public speaking
• Problem solving skills
• Charisma – What it is and how to increase it
• How to be proactive
And more!


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Leadership in Management

Leadership in Management focuses on the application of using your leadership skills to manage effectively. In this course, participants learn:

• How to have crucial conversations
• How to delegate effectively
• How to coach different personality types
• How to have streamline focus
• Discovering their individual passions
• How to improve responsibility
• How to set clear expectations
• Inspect vs Expect
And more!


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Life Skills

Sometimes common sense is not so common. We need to be prepared to be independent and in our Life Skills course, participants will learn:

• How to change a tire
• How to cook on a budget
• Financial Responsibility
• The importance of building Credit
• How to jump start a car
And more!


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Career Readiness Training

5 Star Coaching has helped organizations hire over 10,000 individuals. In Career Readiness Training, individuals will learn all the essentials needed to land a perfect job for them based on their experience and personality. Participants will learn:

• Resumé Tips
• Interview Process
• How to Follow-Up
• Career/Personality Match
And more!


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Leadership Courses

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